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There are two and a bit approaches to the Clear Visor for the Face Shields .

Making Visors:

  1. Laser Cut from clear sheet.
  2. Hole punched from A4 clear sheets from your stationery store.
  • Jig & Drill for A4 sheets and manual cut shields. (The bit as a variation on the previous two)

Laser Cut:

Detail needed from a maker that knows <MoreInfoNeeded>

The link for the current DXF files for your laser cutter are here: DXF Files

Hole Punched A4 Sheets:

A4 Clear Plastic Cover Solution

You can make plastic visors for the headband using A4 clear binding cover sheets and an office hole punch. The two outer pins are actually at exactly the right distance of the two holes made by an office hole punch.

Tools required:

  • Standard 2 hole punch
  • A4 Card for template
  • Pen
  • Wipe off marker, whiteboard or wine glass marker (wine glass market in the video)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

How To:

  • Take an A4 clear sheet in landscape, sources here Sourcing Clear Plastic
  • Mark the middle.
  • Mark off 7cm either side of that as a central marker for the hole punch.
  • Then punch two sets of holes.
  • One thing not covered in the video is the need to trim off the corners on the bottom once finished, they can be sharp and quite pokey...
  • You're Done!

Visor Mark Out.jpg
The template outline above is also in the link below.

  • Measurements correct.
  • Drawing not to scale.

In seconds you can stamp out a box full or visors to fit the headband.

The images and video for this can be found here: A4 Sheet

Jig & Drill:

The jig is for putting holes in visors for people making them by hand and has a drill handy.

This one will do 5-6 at a time.
The STL file for the jig is here: Shield Jig

Thanks Sean Rasmussen

Attaching the Visor

Head over to this video of Matt exhibiting excellent thumb strength attaching the visor to complete the Face Shield