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The ShieldsUP Wiki

The Wiki is our tool for managing useful, repeatable information.
To ensure consistency read these Quick Wiki Editing Tips before you do anything.

Read this first!!

How does it work

  1. Search for the content you intend to update then
  2. Make a new pages by clicking Create "what you searched for" on this wiki!
    or select then edit an existing page
  3. Add a category tag at the bottom of the page so users can find content. This can match one the main page categories (tag [[Category: whatever]] or you can add [[Category:NeedsAHome]] to indicate a new category needs to be found or created.
  4. Go back to the main page, Click Edit then Save on this page, ticking "This is a minor edit" to make the document list
  5. Let wiki editors know you are working on the page to avoid duplicating work or editing stuff in progress by adding the category [[Category:BuildingWIP]]
  6. Update Content
  7. Preview what you have done
  8. Save the change

Please create consistent content

  • Familiarise yourself with and use the formatting syntax and tools of the wiki where ever possible. This will maintain compatibility of the wiki so its easier for volunteers to edit and change.
  • Make links to internal pages with [[page name]] and external stuff with [https://yourlink.com Text of link]
  • <MoreEditingNeeded> - If you are not confident or proficient in the Wiki layout language, enter the content then use this tag to loop in someone with Wiki layout language skills. They will swing past and tidy things up for you.
  • <MoreInfoNeeded> - If you think there is missing information, continue creating content as this will help some users. Add a tag <MoreInfoNeeded> where the missing information sits so we can easily search for it and augment content.

Please respect the Building WIP tag and check-in with the last editor if it has been sitting unchanged for some time (Greater than 8 hours). (Using the recent changes link to the left)

How to obtain Access Credentials

  • You will need to have a Wiki account (prerequisite). Create an account using this form.
  • Request access to edit if you are keen to volunteer to update the Wiki. Use the Slack #comms_wiki channel.

How to get ongoing help

If you have a Wiki editing support request or idea, use the Slack #comms_wiki channel.

Other frequently asked questions

none as yet