Handover Procedure

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For Delivery and Handover, you need to update the WebApp All Customer deliveries should be bagged, boxed or wrapped at time of delivery. They should include a delivery card and instruction sheet. Communicate Communicate Communicate. Let the customer know you're coming & when you've arrived.

How does it work

  1. If there are no orders in your area contact your local, or Island hub to arrange consolidation in an area requiring help.
  2. If you have already delivered to someone not on the webapp; sign them up then allocate the order to yourself and fill it.
  • Contact the customer, using the detail supplied in the web app, via phone call or text
  1. Introduce yourself, advise the delivery is imminent and confirm it's still required
  2. Advise/ Agree if you will deliver a variation on the fully assembled FaceShield (eg if you are delivering unassembled or if the customer will need to supply elastic). Ideally shields will be assembled on delivery.
  • Make a contact-less delivery, wearing your courier identification card/lanyard. There is no need to get a signature.
  1. Ring or text when outside.
  2. Place the package somewhere convenient and safe, knock and stand back at least 2 meters. Be considerate. They will be so happy to see you, but they are pretty freaked out.
  3. Get a selfie if you can (nice to have) or ask them to post photos/comments to Facebook when they have the time. If you do get photo check they are OK with it being published.
  4. Pump the give a little
Example of Contact Text