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This is where we store all the info we need to get this work done.

Welcome to the ShieldsUp Team

We are a distributed group of like-minded people. We've come together around the common goal of getting our front line medical personnel better equipped to deal with Covid-19. Read more in the Statement of Operating Principles.

By being here, among amazing volunteers, you agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct.
If you have not read it please do so now, and if you see unwanted behaviour speak up by letting one of the Core Team Members know.

This Wiki is a guide to help you on your journey as part of the team; to

Key Resources and Tools

The first thing to do is to bookmark this wiki, and set yourself up for success with these tools.

So we're all speaking the same lingo:

  • ClearShield - 100% laser cut face shield
  • FaceShield - the assembled 3d printed frame, elastic and visor
  • Visor - clear bit that connects to the frame of the FaceShield
  • Frame - 3d printed part that connects to elastic and visor of the FaceShield
  • Elastic - which holds the visor and frame of the FaceShield to your head

Key Roles

ShieldsUp is run by volunteers.

  • To keep things running smoothly, in a co-ordinated way we have Core Team Members who are our go to contacts for specific areas.
  • There are many ways to contribute, so please choose any combination which suits you. The most common volunteer roles are documented below.
  • This list isn't exhaustive so if you spot a gap, or would like to contribute in another way simply reach out in the Slack #volunteer_admin channel.
  • Post requests for help in the Slack #volunteer_wanted channel. Follow this channel if you are keen to help where needed.

Latest Information on Printing and Couriering Shields

Sending Flat Pack Shields by Courier

As we finish the distribution of dental shields, we are using couriers for some deliveries. To make that feasible we need to send them as flat packs, with all parts unassembled.
If you are sending flat packs by courier, be sure you:

  1. Only courier to locations in your own island
  2. Get the courier tickets assigned first by someone in the #courier_requests channel on Slack,
  3. Make sure you print both pages of this flat pack instruction document to ship with it:

Flat pack Instructions sheet
Instruction document page 1
Instruction document page 2

Making Shields - we are now only PRINTING to ORDER

  We now have only 1,100 outstanding shield requests, so it’s a good time to consolidate;
  3D printed frames, spare visors and elastic from people who have been collecting, making them, 
  run out of other parts or had a change of direction. 
  IMPORTANT: Keep delivering in your local area while you have stock and there are orders. 
  If there are no orders in your area,  get your components and/ or completed faceshields to a hub.
  Look here for what to do.
  • Its a good idea to join your local hub on Slack #Logistics_[choose your Area] and #volunteer_3d printer owners channels.
  • Raw materials (Filament,Clear Plastic/Visors, Elastic) can be self sourced or obtained through Procurement and Hubs. Self sourced raw materials are best viewed as a donation to the cause.
  • Please keep your webapp records up to date so our dashboards remain accurate.
  • Once you have completed your part, either deliver to customers yourself or contact your hub co-ordinator to make other arrangements.



The FaceShield is manufactured in three components, before being assembled into the final product for delivery. The original Prusa design has a bottom clip. These are not necessary for operation on the FaceShield so we are not printing them to save time. You'll notice they are not on the Stacks in github

One important note is that while the pursuit of speed is awesome and super fun it is crucial that Makers find a 'balance' that still produces a strong and durable product! Test your settings, try to break one of your prints, you are a manufacturer and quality control is on you. The recommended print settings in the wiki are real world tested and highly optimised for the SUP V2 design but are to be considered a minimum, Do NOT print thinner, faster, weaker frames for the sake of saving a few minutes per unit. Take pride in your creation.

  • 3D printing resources to support Frame Makers have been gathered on the Git, here's how to use it. The #volunteer_3dprinter_owners channel on slack has a lot of discussion on how to do things so its a great place to contribute to the community, and pick up a tip or two.
  1. Printer Specs and latest STL files. For anyone wondering; most people are printing SUP V2 for doctors, and the dental version for dentists or those who wear a head lamp as it has more clearance. A few are printing the Verkstan style. The 10,000 visor which are supplied by the project won't fit the Verkstan design so you'd need to make your own visor. Clearshields are what should be supplied to hospital staff or surgeons.
  2. Common 3D Printing Issues and slicer tips and tricks
  • Making Visors is a specialist task so most people source Visors supplied by the project rather than self sourcing them.
  • FaceShield Assembly
  1. Mounting the visor to the frame(video).Its really important the protective film remains on the visor as it provides confidence the FaceShields are not contaminated. You can use a marker to write "peel me" on the visor. To go the extra mile peel a small 1cm section on both sides to make removing the film easier for recipients.
  2. Here's information on how to fit the elastic as you'll need to adjust what you're doing depending on the type of frame an elastic you are working with. This video is really helpful.


Clearshield Sample.jpg

The Clearshield is a fully clear plastic face shield from an open-sourced design. There is both a laser-cut version and a manual version.

The A3 version can be found here: A3 Cutout Face Shield

ClearShields are being supplied to DHBs as they provide top cover as well as from the front. They are made from one material except for the elastic and cable ties which secure them.

Packing Orders for Delivery

packed orders ready to ship
  • Identify which orders to pack and assign the customer order to yourself in the WebApp (so another maker does not supply them as well). So orders get to the frontline asap, only assign an order to yourself if you have a fully assembled unit and intend to deliver within 24hrs (or have a firm delivery window agreed with the customer).
  • Pack the complete number of FaceShields for the order. These should be wrapped, bagged or in a box. Preferably zip locked if unassembled. Assembled ones are good to deliver wrapped in Gladwrap or large freezer bags. Huge orders can be left in a box.
  • Attach a delivery info card and the shield hand out - printed to the box/bag
  • Follow the Ministry of Health Hygiene advice; Stop work if you are feeling sick, especially if there is even the smallest chance you have COVID-19.

Transporting and Delivering Product and Components

Before going out on any delivery during the COVID-19 L4 lockdown make sure you

  • Have a courier identification pack. Email and include a passport-style photo so it can be added to a card which you can use for police checkpoints.
  • Display a ShieldsUP courier sign on your vehicle
  • Follow the Ministry of Health Hygiene advice; Stop work if you are feeling sick. Take precautions while out and about.

Here are some guidelines specific to different types of deliveries (components and complete units);

  1. If there are NO ORDERS IN YOUR IMMEDIATE VICINITY; box up what you have (visors, elastic, frames). Email @Dominic Sturt[Logistics Lead][Sterilisation][Medical] your pick up details, number of boxes and approx weight. ShieldsUp will arrange the rest.
  2. Please record what you’re sending on the spreadsheet shared on slack, so we can keep track of everything and work out another filament contribution for all your work.
  3. Orders will go to one of 2 consolidation hubs where items will be sterilised and packaged with any required finishing components before being couriered to the places in need so we can finish what we started.
 North Island - Martin Vieregg, 6 Kahu Road, Otaihanga, Paraparaumu, 5036 
 South Island - Dominic Sturt, 59 Fawcett Street, South Dunedin, Dunedin 9012
  • Delivery to Makers <MoreInfoNeeded>

Procurement and Hubs


Hubs are....[add what hubs do/ why join]. If you are still unclear get in touch with Dominic Sturt at OR @Dominic on Slack. He'll connect you with your hub coordinator. Please also let Dominic know if there is no hub leader in your area and you're willing to volunteer for the job.

You can see a list of hub leads here.

If your hub is looking good in terms of completed orders, shields will be sent to rural regions via one of two Island Hubs.

Marketing & Communications


  • If there's a specific images including brand imagery (eg logos), or you have a general request please DM @Rachel M with what you need and usage

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