Managing Orders and Stock using the WebApp

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The ShieldsUP WebApp

The WebApp is our tool for managing customer orders, allocation of delivery, manufacturing components, and ordering maker supplies. Please make yourself familiar with it

This feeds a live status view of where we are as a project, and your user metrics.

How does it work

  1. Try to pick off the oldest orders first.
  2. There is alot of info on the Geographic map to help you find nearby Face Shield orders to fulfill. Pins are colour coded so you can easily Identify the state. dark blue = unassigned, light blue = assigned, orange = ready to ship, dark green = delivered, red = invalid.
  3. Anything unassigned in the Webapp is fair game once you have stock, otherwise consolidate through your local hub.
  • Edit and update the status of the delivery <MoreInfoNeeded> ((This section is under construction. While it is the tutorial can be found here))
  1. Invalid: covers things like duplicate orders, cancelled orders, people pretending to be doctors. Non-medical orders have been parked there until the medical ones are done. When selecting the Invalid status add a note with your Name, date, and reason for setting the order to Invalid.

How to obtain Access Credentials

How to get ongoing help

Other frequently asked questions

  • Register your printer capacity <MoreInfoNeeded> .
  • Note: Most orders are now found in The ShieldsUP WebApp . Some are still in legacy systems. Hub Coordinators: If you know of orders that have been sent out already, please mark them as shipped

More WebApp FAQs can be found here