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Supplied by the Project

Request visor components using the Webapp or by contacting your hub through the Slack #logistics_ channels. Your stock request will be supplied once stocks are available. Look out for a notification in your Slack #logistics_ channel of deliveries being made or for a delivery on your doorstep.

Laser Cutter Sheets

Lasercut visors are currently being produced in 2 different locations. Visors are collected and dispatched around NZ via courier to the regional HUBS.

Contact your regional HUB coordinator to arrange stocking up on the clear stuff.

They should be left with the plastic cover ON. You can write with a white board marker on the cover "peel me" <MoreInfoNeeded>

Self source via Discounted Suppliers

NZ Binding

We have secured supply from NZ Binding for A4 & A3 clear plastic covers for face shields

Dion Warner at NZ Binding;

Dion has applied a 20% off retail for us, advise you're in the ShieldsUp Project or use ShieldsUpNZ coupon code at checkout.

  • A4 Clear, 200 micron, 640 packets of 100 in each pack. $12.38/pack
  • A3 Clear, 200 micron, 67 packs with 100 in each pack. $23.71/pack
  • A4 Clear, 250 micron, 50 packs at 100 in each pack. $13.01/pack
  • Prices + GST and freight for under 10 packets, Overnight delivery for less than ten packets $6.50+GST NI and $12.50+GST SI.
  • Prices + GST and free overnight delivery to North and South Island for box of ten packets (1000 sheets).

NZ Binding is still deemed an essential service.
82,400 potential shields from this stock level as of 30/3/2020 with more stock expected mid April.
use ShieldsUpNZ coupon code at checkout.

Self source via Non-Discounted Suppliers

Office Max

Clear covers link: