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Each core area has a lead with decision making approval.

In many cases the community can help so use the appropriate slack channel for comms including questions. Copy the lead in by using @TheirName if you feel they need to see the message.

If you feel slack channel visibility is not appropriate or a decision needs to be made please Direct Message the lead for the area directly using slack.

(No email addresses as this is a semi-public site)

Role Name
CXO, Roadblock exploder Tim C
Admin / Accounts Diane
Community Andrew D
Public comms & marketing Rachel M
Website & WIKI Daron R
Wiki Admin Ethan R
Photos & videos Mandy C
Data analytics and Webapp Rohan
3D print design Jase B
Logistics Dominic
Lasercutting Martin
ClearShield Chris M
Legal Matt Farrington
GiveALittle Richard B
Github J-P H

== Regional ==

Code Region Name slack channel
NTL Northland ?? #logistics_northland
AUK Auckland Region Chris Metcalfe #logistics_auckland
AUK - AK West/North Shore Sean Rasmussen #logistics_auckland
AUK - AK Central/East Campbell Wright #logistics_auckland
WKO Waikato Frank Young #logistics_waikato
BOP Bay of Plenty ?? #logistics_bop
TGA - Tauranga Scott Brown #logistics_bop
HKB Hawke's Bay Luke Goodwin #logistics_hawkesbay
GIS - Gisborne_Tairawhiti Te Aorangi #logistics_gisborne_tairawhiti
TKI Taranaki ?? #logistics_
MWT Manawatu Harley B #logistics_manawatu
MWT Wanganui Grant Kitto #logistics_wanganui
WGN Wellington Martin Vieregg #logistics_wellington
NSN Nelson Jacob Saunders #logistics_southisland
MBH Marlborough ?? #logistics_southisland
WTC West Coast ?? #logistics_southisland
CAN Canterbury ?? #logistics_christchurch
CHC - Christchurch Dean Jackson #logistics_christchurch
OTA Otago ?? #logistics_otago
DND - Dunedin Benjamin Alder #logistics_southisland
STL Southland ?? #logistics_southisland