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Working with the Team on Slack

Slack is our primary communications tool. IT can be a little daunting at first, but hopefully, you will get the hang of it quickly with the following tips

1) A Slack workspace is divided into multiple channels. these allow us to talk about a specific topic with others interested in that topic.

 a) If you click the + next to the channel title (left menu) you will see a list of available channels.
 b) Channels names start with a #. if you are typing a message and enter # then a list of channel names will appear, as you type in part of the channel name the list gets shorter.
 c) You can join just about all the channels in here. if you find it is not the sort of thing you are looking for you can leave (no one will be offended) There is a list below of suggested channels.
 d) At the moment anyone is empowered to create a channel BUT, please make sure there is not already a similar channel. Message Andrew Dixon or one of the admins and they can post an announcement to let others know about it.
 e) Information overload is a thing, please do not feel you have to absorb all of it, no one can.
 f) If at all possible avoid direct messaging people, if it is a good idea it will be worth sharing.
 g) Channel names starting with a _ are sorted to the top to make them easier to find. please can we leave this for just the core channels
 h) if you are unsure where to put a comment you can ask for guidance in #random

2) Slack users

 a) If you are writing a message using the @ symbol will bring up a list of usernames, as you type the list gets shorter
 b) It would be helpful if you added your role in your name - Mine is 'Andrew Dixon [Community Lead]'
 c) Therefore type @ and a role and the list will show who does that, so @lead will show the leadership team.
 d) There is one AI/chatbot user called slackbot, you can DM it any time you like with slack questions. If it does not know the answer then ask in #random.

3) Announcement channels

 Please subscribe to these. Please do not discuss the announcements in these channels. The idea is to make these essential reading, no noise.
Channel Description
_announcements Announcements, admin only. Please follow this channel
_sos_urgent super urgent EVERYBODY STOP announcements only, not for urgent LOCAL issues

4) Logistics channels

 Need elastic? Don't know who to call for a pickup? join your local channel and keep up to date
 For ordering of supplies, join the WebApp by contacting your local hub lead, and then submit component and filament orders with the new tools
 The list below may change as new makers join us. IF you click the + next to the channel title and choose browse, you can find you most local channel to join
Channel Description
logistics__nz getting / storing / distributing around the country
logistics_<local> logistics_auckland, logistics_bop, logistics_christchurch, logistics_hawkesbay, logistics_manawatu, logistics_northland, logistics_otago, logistics_southisland, logistics_waikato, logistics_wanganui, logistics_wellington

5) Maker channels

 If you are 3D printing these channels will help you get set up and troubleshoot.
Channel Description
3dprinters-join-here 3D Printer organisation channel for jobs and discussion around 3D Printing
print-specifications Discuss your print settings here
production_protocols safe working processes, sterilisation and disinfection info

6) Designer channels

 If you interest in product development please see here.
Channel Description
face_shield design inprovements to the 3D printed face shield design
headstrap alternatives to elastic
clearshield-lasercutting Working group for people focusing on clearshields (laser cut only) and laser cutting
medical_feedback Ask medical questions here (e.g. sterilization specs) we will seek informed answers when they are available (no armchair experts please)
thinktank suggestion box, random ideas, how to improve designs and processes. looking for constructive criticism here. we are grown ups, so some ideas are too stupid (like t-rex costumes in ER) find out if your idea is actually an ugly baby early.
idea_injection_molding Using injection molding to produce headbands etc. in large quantities
idea_makermask <>

7) Comms & website channels

 Getting accurate information to the right person, in the right format, is essential
Channel Description
comms__planning coordinating our message to maximize impact via synergy
comms_database maintaining links to airtable data and finding ways to help show where we are and where we are going
comms_images_video_testimonials Photos of deliveries and feedback from people who have received face shields
comms_outreach_ideas Brainstorming other things we can try
comms_social_media Facebook, twitter...
comms_the_press formal engagement: TV / Radio / Newspapers / Magazines etc
comms_website Planning & building of a website to explain who we are and what we are doing in a better way than a FB page
webapp Development discussion about the webapp
webapp_support Having trouble with the webapp? Unsure about how to do something? Have a suggestion? This channel is the place.

8) Misc - last but not least

 These channels defy classification
Channel Description
governance If you want to shape how we are organized and who makes decisions then join. if you don't, don't!
_exec_decision_request If you feel you have a question that needs addressing by the executive please ask it here.

The exec are responsible for how our money is spent, any changes in strategy, any (hopefully never needed) disciplinary actions

fundraising fundraising ideas and updates
z-github-shieldsup github channel, an automated post of every github update, keep an eye on this to alert you to new files or information that may apply to you and your equipment.
z-rebrandly_shieldsup-gives_links Link repository for shortened branded links